Articles and Literature

In addition to providing information on travel to Kastellorizo we will post articles that appear from time to time in the mainstream media. A recent example is "The world's best have a lot to learn, by George" which appeared in The Age - Sports section on Saturday 9th May 2009. The journalist was Greg Baum who we contacted to obtain his permission to make the artcicle available to our website visitors. 

The situation is one that occurs regularly in life. Greg advised as follows "My partner is also a journalist, met a Kazzie on a Mediterranean cruise a few years ago and offered the use of her house. We didn't realise until be got there what a privilege it was. We do now".

Have a read of the article which you will notice makes strong reference to George Karagiannis of Daily Cruises at the bottom of this page.


Other artciles:

Kastellorizo and Beyond - article by David Jeffrie

"The Boat Home"- an article printed in The Age 6th July 2004
Planning a trip to Kastellorizo? Why not let us help make your trip even more enjoyable as you discover the life your ancestors led on this large red rock - Kastellorizo, Castello Rosso or Megiste as we know it.
With our tour boats " Barbara and St George" you can relax and enjoy the true beauty of all that is worth seeing on your trip to Kastellorizo. We will take you to visit and swim in the Blue Grotto ( Parasta),  admire the historical Island of Rho where you will visit the home and gravesite of the Lady of Rho you are also take a swim in her beautiful bay. We are also able to provide day trips to the Isle of St George and Plakeswhere you can swim and picnic at your own leisure.
Every Mondays and Fridays we can take you to Kas, Turkey where you will be able to shop and experience the true essence of the Anatolian coast, tantalize your taste buds with exotic Turkish delight and Baklava, smell the different herbs and spices,  try your hand at bartering for an old kilim or for the average handbag. Daytrips to Kalkan, Myra and St Nicholas, Fethiye, Salkikent, Livisi, Patara and Kekova are also organised by us. 
We are also happy to help you in finding the right accommodation to suit your needs and budget, give assistance in current boat and plane timetables to and from Kastellorizo.
Please contact us at, or come and see us once you arrive as we are located in Australia Square (St George Church on the harbor as you walk towards the Hotel Megiste), our boats are located out the front of Sydney Restaurant. Ask for George Karagiannis.

Louise Katris, who resides on Kastellorizo provides news which we incorporate into our Newsletters. Louise can also assist with anyone planning a trip to Kazzie. The email above will also reach Louise and she can describe what the island offers.