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Facebook Logo     Kastellorizo, Kastellorizians and Kazzies across the Globe                                                - Excellent site that contains plenty of information about Kastellorizo   - Your on-line guide to Greece                - Origin and history of our island           - Holiday Greek Islands by Papoutsis Travel                                  - Full of history & culture. Check out the recipes section.                        - A fantastic site hoping to connect those people across the globe who seek

                                                                                  to learn more about the island of their origins. ***Recommended***                                - links to                                            - links to                                      - one of our neighbouring Dodacanese islands                                              - one I found on my trıp to Kazzıe ın October 2007 -                                     - "Castellorizo Genealogy Pages" website (Maintained by Allan Cresswell). 

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                                                                                  only. If you would like full access please contact :

                                                                                  John Karis on 0412 662 079 for an access code.        - Marilyn Tsolakis & Steve Maccora