Your Committe will shortly be finalising new and exciting events for 2011. These will be posted to the website during February and published in the next newsletter.

So pass on to your families and friends of Kastellorizo that we have lots of activities planned and would welcome their attendance.

If you have any suggestions in relation to the types of functions you would like us to consider then please drop us a line by emailing to                   

There are standard functions throughout the year, however, the committee is always aware of making a concerted effort to increase the number of social events and offer its members the opportunity to meet and mix on a more regular basis.


We are pleased to announce that there is now a Members section which will provide a repostitory for all images, photos and historical data and documents.

In relation to the 85th Anniversary Dinner Dance photos these can now be viewed by enlarging the images. Please visit Photo Gallery for further details.

There is no restiction on access at this stage however there will be a requirement for username and password access as we continue to store more sensitive data. At that stage you will need to be a financial member and be issued with log-in details.