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So pass on to your families and Australian friends of Kastellorizo that we can help with any queries on travel and accommodation.

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6th Sept 2010:

To Whom It May Concern:
My parents and I recently travelled to Kastellorizo for the first time. My grandfather was born in Kastellorizo and my grandmother's family was from Kastellorizo.
After viewing your website I contacted Louise Katris to make the necessary accommodation arrangements. I would like to praise Louise for her assistance with making our first trip to Kastellorizo memorable. Louise and her family were extremely supportive during our stay. The accommodation was perfect and the tours great. I will definitely refer anyone interested in travelling to Kastellorizo to Louise and your website.
Thank you,

Watch this courtesy of YouTube video for a beautiful overview of Kazzie.

This link describes exactly what we feel about our special island; it's beauty, tranquility, culture etc which can only be described by visiting the island or viewing such wonderful videos as this. 

Clip includes audio and singing.

Louise Katris



Our correspondent

Welcome to the Travel section of the website. We have a contact in Louise Katris (left) who resides on Kastellorizo and provides news and travel information for those of you who are planning a trip to Kazzie or are interested in learning more about the island and what it offers. Louise can be contacted at :





Kastellorizo has become an important tourist attraction for anybody whose heritage connects them to the island, including Italians. In the summer months the populations expands dramatically. This building activity is not likely to increase the permanent population of the island which currently stands around the 300 mark.

Planning a trip to Kastellorizo? 

You can now enter Greece from Kastellorizo which is a Port of Call so that gives us a degree of importance doesn't it?

Why not let us help make your trip even more enjoyable as you discover the life your ancestors led on this large red rock - Kastellorizo, Castello Rosso or Megiste as we know it. With our tour boats " Barbara and St George" you can relax and enjoy the true beauty of all that is worth seeing on your trip to Kastellorizo. We will take you to visit and swim in the Blue Grotto ( Parasta),  admire the historical Island of Rho where you will visit the home and gravesite of the Lady of Rho you are also take a swim in her beautiful bay. We are also able to provide day trips to the Isle of St George and Plakes where you can swim and picnic at your own leisure.

Every Mondays and Fridays we can take you to Kas, Turkey where you will be able to shop and experience the true essence of the Anatolian coast, tantalize your taste buds with exotic Turkish delight and Baklava, smell the different herbs and spices,  try your hand at bartering for an old kilim or for the average handbag. Day trips to Kalkan, Myra and St Nicholas, Fethiye, Salkikent, Livisi, Patara and Kekova are also organised by us. We are also happy to help you in finding the right accommodation to suit your needs and budget, give assistance in current boat and plane timetables to and from Kastellorizo.

Please contact us at or come and see us once you arrive as we are located in Australia Square (St George Church on the harbor as you walk towards the Hotel Megiste), our boats are located out the front of Sydney Restaurant.

Thinking of travelling to Kastellorizo by boat take a look at Blue Star ferries

"The world's best have a lot to learn, by George"  - an article printed in The Age 9th May 09 by Greg Baum, Sport Writer

 "The Boat Home"- an article printed in The Age 6th July 2004

Trip to Kastellorizo- by John Karis (November 2007)

Firstly, I must share with you the traumatic experience we had trying to get to Kazzie by plane. Due to crosswinds we made two attempts; one which was abandoned on the runway prior to take-off and the other aborted when 5 mts off the Kazzie runway. Being a terrible flyer and happy to be alive, as soon as we returned to Rhodes it was the ferry (Porteus) the next day. Being the first trip to my grandparent's homeland, and the aeroplane experience, I started to get a sense of how inhospitable and remote the island is; the hardship that previous generations endured but at the same time; the incomparable natural beauty and wonder, the pretty waterfront and historical buildings - the disparity between beauty and hardship. 

I remember entering the harbour by ferry and starting to feel overwhelmed by finally arriving in Kazzie, thinking of my Grandparents living there, the innumerable pictures of the harbour and houses which seem to alter in each photograph. The old photos display a thriving town and this is in stark contrast to today which is a pretty facade of new and renovated houses lining the waterfront. The other fascinating aspect is how close Kazzie is to Kaz (Turkey); at night it's like a reflection of each other, 'bookends' - we can see Kaz illuminated and Kaz can see a smaller but 'prettier' Kazzie. The significance of the closeness is 'thought-provoking' and you begin to realise the whole picture and history of the region - the Dodecanese islands, what was Greece originally, why the region is so important to Greece in terms of history and international sovereignty. This was bluntly realised when we left Kazzie for Kaz to continue our trip from the South of Turkey up to Istanbul, and the Greek flag was lowered and the Turkish flag raised, once we were about half way across.

So, once we set foot on Kazzie we toured the island by foot, recording our exploits in a diary and capturing the sights on camera.

Some of our experiences are included in the Trip to Kastellorizo (November 2007) link above - photographs have been provided below and details of the photos has been provided at the end of the photo gallery. Photos are numbered.

KT 07 -1KT 07 -2KT 07 -3
                              1                                                                   2                                                                    3
KT 07 -4KT 07 -5
KT 07 -6
                               4                                                           5                                                                          6
KT 07 -7
KT 07 -8
KT 07 -9
                              7                                                                         8                                                                     9
KT 07 -10
KT 07 -11
KT 07 -12
                      10                                                       11                                                              12                
KT 07 -13KT 07 -14KT 07 -15
                           13                                                                   14                                                              15
KT 07 -16
KT 07 -17
KT 07 -18
                          16                                                                                   17                                                                                      18
KT 07 -19
KT 07 -20
KT 07 -23
                                            19                                                                          20                                                                            21
KT 07 -22
KT 07 -25
KT 07 -21
                                             22                                                                                  23                                                                24
KT 07 -27
KT 07 -24
KT 07 -26
                                                           25                                                                                                 26 & 27
KT 07 -29
KT 07 -28







                                               28                                                                                                    29


Photograph descriptions:

1. 'Paelokastro' taken from the Airport entrance.

2. Airport runway - illustrates the fine margin for error to which I refer to in comments above.

3. The remainder of the runway looking in the opposite direction.

4. View from the road which goes to the Airport - you can clearly see the large 'U' shaped harbour and the smaller    Mandraki port slightly to the right.

5. Small Church building at the Paleokastro site.

6. Kazzie waterfront displaying local and tourist sailing boats.

7. View from the centre of Mandraki Port.

8. Some examples of large and new houses, some under construction, on the road between Mandraki and waterfront.

9. Looking back at the mouth of the Mandraki port - taken from the small Cemetery. Behind in the distance, and to the right, is the main waterfront.  

10. View from one of the turrets of St.John'sCastle - looks across the sea towards Kaz on the Turkish coastline.

11. Taken from the very steep pathway which leads to St. George Monastery.

12. Taken on the way back from the Monastery.

13 to 16.  Pictures of St. John's Castle illustrating the 'breath-taking' and strategic views.

17 to 19.  Assorted views of the waterfront entrance at various positions.

20. Typical terrain which is prevalent across the island and features as a backdrop for houses.

21 & 22. What I have come to name as the Big rock' which towers over the island's inhabitants and houses.

23. A well-know angle of the harbour painting a beautiful picture of  renovated and new homes which form the new Kazzie and give the impression of extensive housing developments, which is not the case.  

24. Example of the rocky terrain which needs to be conquered on the way to St. Stefanous, for example, where there are no major roads and poor tracks.

25. In the evening the watrefront is adorned with lanterns reflecting light back into the water. The restaurant tables are precariously close to the edge and strangely enough not many accidents to report.

26  Picturesque views of the island and you can easily make out the Turkisk coastline above and the prominent St' John's Castle at the extreme point of the island.

27. Watching a boat motor it's way out of the harbour on a beautiful sunny day.

28. 'Barbara' which is one of the boats the Barbara & St. George operate. Daily cruises and weekly trips to Kaz are available.    

29. There is not much lighting in the evenings however the setting is quaint and unlike anything we had experienced before. This picture also shows the entrance to Alexandra's Restaurant and demonstrates how close everything is to the water's edge.