The development fo this website is now at the stage where we need to more strongly focus on our heritage. The site is an excellent medium as it's electronic and information can be recorded and retrieved efficiently.

This section was doriginally esigned to display information on Literature, Traditional Recipes and The Greek Orthodox calendar however, due to increased demand, we will start to record many of the important customes and traditions that form the basis of our Greek/Kazzie heritage.. This will typically include weddings, funerals, christenings, name days, easter rituals etc. Many of us are third plus generation so, unless we have been involved with these aspects over a period of time, they will have been forgotten.

So with the steady compilations of recipes we will be adding a Customs and Traditions tab so that you can view the progress and, hpefully, email us on others you know.

A current year Greek Orthodox Calendar will be posted shortly, however, it will not be the pictorial 2005 version which will remain on the website as it still provides details on Saints and important dates.