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Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 1:58 PM
Subject: Re: Info on relations

I am an Australian born greek, living in Perth, West Australia and my mother and her two sisters came to Australia in 1913, with there father from Kastellorizo. My mothers maiden name was Maria Salvaris and as far as I know was born in 1898, her father was Chris Salvaris, buried in 1936 Bunbury, W.A.  Her mother I have no information about.
I believe there could be relations in Melbourne, in the name of Salvaris, but not sure. If there is anyone with any knowledge, of the above, I would love to hear from them.
Thank you
Jim Petrides of Perth, Western Australia 

Details Submitted: 22 Jan 2010 10:14:01

Message: I was thrilled to see a pic of "Dipper" with Maria Katris (Adgemis) and her daughter. Maria is the daughter of my god father Con. I am the son of Con Kambouris.

My grandfather was James Constantine Kotis (Pappakotis, Papacotis ? )  who emigrated from Kastellorizo to the United States in 1909 at age 19 and settled in Mobile Alabama.  His brother Nick Cottis also came.  We don't know why their names are spelled differently and we're really not sure how to spell Pappakotis. My cousin Gregg Cottis and I are both very interested in our family history. I have sent him the link to this site.
from Ione Kotis

Is there an association in NSW, other than the Castellorizon Club,which I am a life member of.I thankyou for your your website.Both my mother and father were born on Megisti. I am the founding member of The Megisti Souls Society which I started in the latter years of my mothers life.She passed away in August 2006. I started this society for the children of descendants who have married persons from other cultures.I want to instil in my children the meaning of what their forefathers did to enable them to have the wonderful life thay have.My wife of 25 years is Canadian of Austrian heritage and my children are fasinated by the history and sense of being that my parents showed them.I spent six summers and one winter on the island.From 1974,75,78,79,80.81.I have not returned since but it has never left my soul,I am now 51.
MSS-Only wishes the best for their fellow Megisticoes (what we call the next generations} Again, thankyou for the time and effort of this website.If you wish to know more of our group please email.We have our own INSIGNIA in ancient greek and
follow the old tradition of paying homage at The Stone of Timon when returning to the island and  also when leaving the island.This practice was done in the 3rd century BC by the mariners.Our philosophy is basic and meaningful and I know that my children and their children after will understand what heritage they are part of.
from Kimon

Message: Hi, I'm hoping you may be able to locate any relitives of my grandmother - Maria Marl Mauqilvn or Th Roditis. She left Greece in the late 1920's to live in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. I was hoping to visit Kastellorizo towards the end of this year to get an understanding of my roots and who knows, maybe some relatives are still around???

Love the sight, it's helped me get in touch with a part of my life that has been unknown.
from Hellen

I am writing to ask your help on a matter of personal interest to me and my family.  In particular, I am looking for my great-grandfather, Bartholomeu Cyriaco Lazaro's, certificate of registration or any other information about my  relatives. He was born on the island of Kastellorizon, Greece, on 25th March 1899. His parents are Lazaro Cyriaco and Anastacia Lazaro. In 1924, he moved to Brazil with some other islanders from Kastellorizon, whose relatives now live on the island of Santa Catarina in Southern Brazil, where I am from. He married my great-grandmother, Othilia Chirighini on 24th May 1924. During or after the Second World War, many families left Kastellorizon, and few remain. In addition, I have been informed that there is a possibility the documents I am looking for were destroyed, as there was a fire in the prefecture at some time. I would very much appreciate your guidance on this matter. Perhaps you know someone from the area who will be able to tell me where to start. There is a significant Greek community in Southern Brazil and I am eager to find out more about my family's ancestry. Also, I know that his sister moved to Australia and I would be very pleasedif you have any information about her.
from Guilherme